CONTRIBUTE: How Are The Roads Looking Out There, University Place?

Do your neighbor a favor and recommend what roads to take and what not to take.

It's nasty out there, University Place.

If you don't have to drive, don't.

But if you do, some roads are obviously better than others. I've opened this forum - I guess you can call it that - for us to share routes, tell what roads to avoid, etc.

Share your stuff in the comment section. Better yet, if you have a picture of your neighborhood street, please feel free by visiting the .

So c'mon, UP. Let's help each other out today.

Here's what Public Works Director Gary Cooper wrote to city leaders:

Staff have been doing everything we can on the roads, they are very slick with compact snow. We are expecting four more inches by 10:00 this morning with an additional 2"-4" throughout the night. While liquid deicer works well on ice, it does not perform well while snow is still falling.

Our Crew is concentrating on the Arterial hills- Bridgeport and 67th Ave. near Fred Meyer,  Cirque Drive between 67th Ave & Orchard, 40th Street between 67th & Bridgeport Way. We also are keeping 37th St. at the Fire Department plowed and sanded for emergency services.

We will continue to do our best but I do not expect any significant
improvement in road conditions until mid day tomorrow.

Imagen Bush January 18, 2012 at 06:32 PM
Sunset Drive has apparently been plowed, but is still covered in snow and patches of ice. Few cars are traveling on it but the ones who have, appear to be doing fine. (40th-Cirque)
Mike Venuto January 18, 2012 at 06:37 PM
44th st. W. between 67th and Bridgeport has not been plowed, last time I checked...
Brent Champaco January 18, 2012 at 06:40 PM
This is from Pierce County Emergency Management, in case any of you brave souls want to venture out of University Place: "Early reports from Roads Operations at Pierce County Public Works and Utilities Department are observing snowfall at about one inch per hour, with predictions that it will remain that way until midday today. All Public Works trucks, 36 plow trucks and five motor graders, are removing snow from arterial routes. With the current rate of snowfall, the snow plows will need to continue to clear the main arterials and most likely will not get to the secondary roads until the snow subsides. Falling trees from the heavy snow may also delay road clearing. People are asked to not drive if possible, and if they do, to take it slow and pack emergency supplies in their vehicle before heading out."


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