Tyler Jamison, May 24 (Part Three of Three)

After an excruciating week of contemplation, the Curtis senior reaffirms his decision to attend Azusa Pacific University.

Well, !

I have to make my decision. It looks like I am going to to stick with my original decision and .

This was by far the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life.

The Citadel had its perks of being a military school, D1-AA football and in South Carolina by my family.  What I liked about APU was its strong Christian environment, weather, ROTC and a more fitting football program. The cons for both schools made the decision even harder.

At the end of four years, I will have come out as a 2nd Lt in the Army. The Citadel would be great for my career, because it completely submerges you in a military lifestyle. But it is what I make it. My dad said I can excel in either path. It's just a different way to get to where I want to be.  So I am going to work my butt off at APU and excel in the classroom, on the football feild and in ROTC so I can be the best officer I can possibly be.

Thanks again, Patch, for joining me on this decision. 

On a less serious note, school has been going good. Lots of work with graduation coming up in 11 school days! I'm glad to have gotten AP Government testing over, with along with my six-page research paper in English on viewing poverty in the French Revolution through a classical and neooclassical lens, incorporating Victor Hugo's novel, Les Miserables, with other writiers of his time.

(And yes it did feel like I was in college English for a little) I just found out I got a B on it!  I actually learned a lot from the research it required.  Now, I have to finish up English, one more debate in gov and clamp down in pre-cal and physicics for some final tests. I am trying to finish strong, even with the distraction of the sun, my dirtbike I fixed and Blue and Kim being home. Not to mension senior pictures, planning grad parties, and that type of stuff!

I just got a call from the ROTC department at Azusa and they informed me that they can transfer my ROTC scholarship that I got from PLU(which I failed to mention) to APU, and I will be going for free for the next four years!

I didn't get a full football scholarship, but I am thankful God helped me out and my backup plan worked out. I want to thank everyone who has been there for me the last 6 years in University Place. I am truly blessed.

I guess hard work does pay off one way or another!

P.S. Cornelius, our friends, and I will be at the scholarship awards assembly at 6:30 p.m. at tonight! Maybe see you there.


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