PICTURE OF THE DAY: Lincoln High Class Poses For Christmas Picture at Boathouse 19

A certain Patch editor just had to share the picture.

Some things are so cool that they make you drop your sandwich.

One of those instances was today, as the other Patch editors and I were eating lunch at Boathouse 19 on the University Place/Tacoma line. I could tell this group was a spirited bunch the minute I sat down.

These beautiful young ladies were chatty and smiley. It was great.

Just as I started munching on my cranberry turkey sandwich, this group huddled together for a great group picture (See above). It looked like so much fun, I snapped one for myself.

One of the ladies, Gloria Lindstrom, told me that they were all graduates of Tacoma's Lincoln High.

Very cool. Thanks again, ladies, for letting me share.

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