Your Views: What Would you Want in an Enumclaw Community Center?

City officials have been in discussions with Village Concepts, which operates High Point Village in Enumclaw, over a possible affordable senior housing/community center partnership.

The city of Enumclaw is weighing teaming up with a private enterprise to create an affordable senior housing complex near downtown, complete with a community center, in the two acres or so of city property behind the Enumclaw library.

City Administrator Mike Thomas told the City Council at its meeting Tuesday that initial conversations with Village Concepts, which also operates High Point Village in Enumclaw, are indicating this could be "a great opportunity" given the aging population in Enumclaw and the demand for senior housing. It would also fulfill an ongoing community conversation about the need for a community center, he said.

Given that the slow economy has not given the private sector enough incentive to meet the city's demand for senior accommodations, "we'd have the opportunity to get something we couldn't otherwise afford," he said.

There is much detail to be ironed out, said City Attorney Mike Reynolds, and because it is public land, the city would have to solicit bids for the project should it decide to undertake it. "We're not married to these people [Village Concepts]," he said. "We want to get the best thing for taxpayers."

The announcement was purely informational on Tuesday and Council had no action. "We're excited about it and wanted to keep Council informed," Thomas said.

The concept includes about 90 units of affordable senior housing along with a separate 9,000 square-foot community center that also had some additional apartment units attached.

Tell Us: If a new community center were to be built in Enumclaw, what amenities/features would you want it to have or provide?

Paul T. Jackson November 15, 2012 at 05:48 PM
We need a large community auditorium with acoustics for band, orchestra, similar to the one at White River High School.
Ed Bickford November 15, 2012 at 09:31 PM
The following comments on the proposed Community Center were provided by Seniors that frequent the Enumclaw Senior Center with the assumption that the existing Senior Center will be moved to the Community Center. Parking – there needs to be plenty of standard and handicapped parking. Large full kitchen that includes refrigerator, freezer and pantry capable of fixing lunch hot meals as well as hot meals on wheels. Meals need to be appealing and nutritious. Private Administrative offices that can be used for consultation as well as day to day operations. Plenty of secure storage area for supplies, medical equipment, decorations, games, etc. Rooms for the following: • A room for billiards with 2 pool tables. • Plenty of activity rooms that can be used for exercise classes, meeting rooms, lectures, bingo, card playing, yoga classes, language classes, art classes, knitting classes, etc. • Computer room with at least 10 computers used for classes and access to the internet. • Theatre room with large screen TV, DVD player and sound system. • Library for books, DVDs, CDs. • Large dining area with wood floor that can be used for dancing/classes, bands, and a good PA system. • Lounge area for talking. • Private health room with running water that can be used for dental cleaning, foot care, messages, blood pressure testing, social service discussions, etc. • In an emergency, a place where someone could spend the night.
Ed Bickford November 15, 2012 at 09:36 PM
Additional comments from Seniors that frequent the Enumclaw Senior Center. The Community Center/Senior Center needs to be convenient with a bus stop nearby. Outside court for volleyball, basketball, pickle ball, etc. Surveillance, safety and security: • Cameras positioned in strategic locations inside the building to ensure safety of the seniors. • Lights outside to provide sufficient light during night time. • Building entrance must have a cover large enough to accommodate a bus loading/off loading disabled persons. Other: • Projector that can be used for lectures and classes. • Warm Therapeutic pool for seniors with arthritis, sore joints, etc. • If more than one floor, then the elevator must have a separate backup power source. • Showers, washers and dryers. • Senior Center is a warm place with a hot meal so it needs to be open more hours during the day as well as holidays and weekends and serve a hot lunch 7 days/week. • Transportation to/from the community center/Senior Center that covers the Enumclaw Plateau. • High chairs need to be available for persons that can’t sit in a standard height chair.
April Chan November 15, 2012 at 10:18 PM
What a great list of ideas, Ed! Thanks for rounding up everyone's feedback and sharing on Patch! Hi Paul - having not yet been into the Chalet or the WRHS auditorium, but having attended rehearsals, anyway, at the EHS auditorium, I'm curious what elements you're seeking in an auditorium that these two venues in Enumclaw couldn't currently provide?
dexterjibs November 16, 2012 at 06:53 AM
How about the City sticks to the basics- Pave the friggin roads, pay for public safety and provide water and sewage. The rest is all fluff, especially a community center..


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