University Place's Stan Flemming To Run For Congress

The Pierce County Councilman and University Place's founding mayor announced that he will run for the newly formed 10th Congressional District.

(Editor's note: The following press release was released by the Flemming for Congress group on Wednesday)

Pierce County Councilmember announced today that he will be running for the newly formed Washington 10th Congressional District. Flemming filed with the Federal Elections Commissions on Dec. 14 but waited until were announced today to make his filing public.

Flemming, who currently represents the 7th County Council District said, “What America needs now is not change, but stability and those with a vision to lead. We need less talk of what we might do. We need to actually address jobs, resourcing education, balancing the budget, and trimming the run-away costs of healthcare now!”

Flemming is a family medicine physician, humanitarian, two-time combat veteran, Brigadier General (Ret) in the U. S. Army, state legislator, university president and a founding father and first Mayor of the city of University Place.

Mayor pro-tem Ken Grassi of University Place said, “Flemming has gained the reputation as a true visionary, one who has gained the support and respect of those on both sides of the aisle because of his keen ability to get the job done through collaboration. During his time on the County Council, Flemming continuously fought for lower taxes, and greater accountability.”

Working with the Executive’s Office, business leaders and colleagues, Flemming spearheaded the development of the county’s economic recovery plan. When fully implemented, it will put the county on a road to creating stability for individuals, families, and businesses. By targeting the hemorrhage of home foreclosures and helping new, as well as existing small businesses, it will re-establish prosperity and a pride in our communities.

When asked why he chose to run in the new 10th District, Flemming spoke of being redistricted out of the 7th District, that he currently represents at the council, affective in 2012.

“I enjoy representing the people in the current Council District 7. However, losing the ability to run for another term presented an opportunity to consider other offices and other positions, so that I can continue to use my abilities to serve the people of Washington State.

My council colleague Muri, according to FEC reports, is raising funds to continue his challenge of the incumbent, Congressman Adam Smith. So, to my friends and colleagues here in Washington State and in Washington, D. C., and to me, it made sense for me to run for the open seat in the newly formed 10th District.”

When asked what running for Congress meant to him, Dr. Flemming responded:
“We don’t need Change in America, we need to restore the faith and hope of the people of our great nation, and this state, in the leadership of this country. We need leadership that is focused, with a strategic vision and plan to move us forward. We need less political rhetoric and more political will to do what is right for our people and our nation. We need fewer talking heads and more actual solutions for getting our people and nation working again.

Our competition extends around the globe. To bring those offshore jobs home, we need a competent workforce, trained and ready, to meet and best that competition.

We need to address the health of our people and communities. Health care is rapidly moving beyond the means of many Americans. Healthy people mean a healthy workforce, which makes a healthy economy, community and, ultimately, nation.

We need to stabilize our neighborhoods by addressing the rate of foreclosures in our county and country. We need our lending institutions to lead the charge as partners in helping to keep families in their homes and off the streets. We need a new direction; a clear path to greater opportunity for all."

"The best days of America are NOT behind us, but yet to be realized. As a member of Congress, I will, as I believe I can, help lead our nation in this new direction.”

Dr. Flemming’s campaign may be reached at: 253-448-0146 or Flemmingforcongress@gmail.com

Mike Venuto December 30, 2011 at 04:15 PM
Stan will make an excellent candidate and should do very well in his bid for the 10th District seat.
Christie Anderson December 31, 2011 at 04:56 AM
bruce holmberg December 31, 2011 at 04:14 PM
Stan will make an excellent candidate in his bid for the 10th District seat. All the best Stan!


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