UPDATE: University Place City Council Votes 6-1 To Locate Flagpole Close To Civic Building

After much discussion and public testimony - a year's worth actually - the University Place City Council votes to place flagpole in the "manhole" location closer to the Civic Building instead of near Bridgeport Way West.

UPDATE: 8:55 p.m., 10/15/2012

After a year's worth of discussion, debate and questions of patriotism, University Place leaders voted Monday night to erect a flagpole next to its Town Center Civic Building.

On a 6-1 vote, elected city leaders decided to erect the flagpole close to the building instead of closer to Bridgeport Way West.

The location means a bronze duck that pays tribute to late UP volunteer Terry Reim will be unimpeded.

Monday night's decision came after public testimony that again showed how divisive the issue had become, as well as after multiple UP leaders voicing their disappointment in the black eye the issue ultimately left the city.

Check back for updates.


The debate over when and where to erect a flag pole at University Place Town Center will finally be decided tonight.

At least we think so.

Tonight, the University Place City Council is scheduled to discuss two recommended locations for the flag pole in the vicinity of the Civic Building: the "Grass" location and the "Manhole" location.

The first would be located closer to Bridgeport Way West. Currently the site of an oak tree, this option would require cutting down the tree for the pole's installation.

The latter option is located in Market Square closer to the Civic Building. This site was originally designed to seasonally house a Christmas tree. This option would prevent the city from using it for a tree.

Staff is recommending using $20,000 in Local Revitalization Funds.

Jason October 17, 2012 at 06:03 PM
Jonathan It is clear he has credibility from many, many others in our city evidenced by his 3 terms on the school board and recent win to council. I believe he doesn't need anything from you. Yes, study sessions that is where continuity should show up. However, none of the f-i-v-e longer-term council member, including Mr. Figueroa, provided it or agreed the process should be stopped as they all, except Figueroa, admitted. No agrument from me about Mr. Grassi. And where is Mr. Nye?
Jason October 17, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Mr. Keel has credibility from many, many others in our city as evidenced by his three terms on our school board and recent big win to our city council. I believe that he does not need anything from you. Here is a lesson for you: In study sessions is where "continuity" needs to show up. None of the five (yes, I am counting Figueroa) longer-term members provided continuity by stopping the process as they all, except Mr. Figueroa, admitted. As late as the night of the vote the five were still arguing about the process! No push back from me about Mr. Grassi. And, where is Mr. Nye?
Elmer Smith October 18, 2012 at 08:07 AM
The Congressional Research Committe, in it's 2004 report to congress, states that a flag should be "near", the State of Washington states that it should be"prominent" in display. If you look-up the definition of the word prominent the choice becomes clear.The Country is considered a living thing and thus the flag is considered a living thing.The location chosen is back away from view until it will be either to your immediate right or left as you travel along Bridgeport Way. The duck will be visible long before, so I guess the duck wins. Hooray for the UP for Art Organization.!!!
Elmer Smith October 19, 2012 at 03:40 AM
Jonathon; you leave yourself in a very deep hole with your remark " counterfeit patriotism" while addressing an outstanding veteran with extensive service to his country.He has earned the right by force of arms to express his view on the subject. Please temper your thoughts!!.
Tony Douglas October 19, 2012 at 04:19 AM
Very well put Mr. Smith!


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