Pierce Transit's Prop 1 Too Close to Call

First election night result numbers show Proposition 1, supporting Pierce Transit, too close to call in Pierce County.

The first round of election results are in and the Proposition 1 decision is too close to call in Pierce County, with 49.19 percent of voters approving the measure and 50.85 percent rejecting it.

What's at stake?

Pierce Transit depends on sales tax revenues for 71 percent of its operations. In the last four years, sales tax revenue has declined.

Without additional funding, Pierce Transit will have to cut service by 53 percent.

Proposition 1 would increase local sales taxes by 0.3 percent in Pierce County, or 3 cents for every $10 taxable purchase. That represents the final funding allotment Pierce Transit is allowed to ask from residents. Proposition 1 would preserve current service levels and work toward the goal of providing financially sustainable public transportation.

Here are the numbers:

Vote Percentage
Approved 47,264 49.15% Rejected 48,907 50.85%
Jjmagoo November 08, 2012 at 04:17 AM
Good Grief Man! There are too many people who need this service. Disabled, elderly, students. Pierce Transit are playing head games with the public and if they don't win the public ends up hurting.
David conlin November 08, 2012 at 05:35 AM
I agree cutting buses is the wrong thing to do people need them to get to places who can't afford to drive taking the bus saves money and keeps the environment clean we need buses. There are some people who want Pierce transit to be no more they tired of buses stopping everywhere but that's too bad we need the bus to get around there are people in wheel chairs who need them
Toni November 13, 2012 at 01:40 AM
You can thank the car dealers for their red sign saying 10.1% is too much..When people saw that all they saw was 11% sales tax.Pierce Transit is needed everywhere and they want to be there for those who need it..But when the car dealers started putting out their red signs and believe me some of them sign were hugh..We were up for a fight..As soon as our signs went up someone took them down..So it wasnt a fair fight to start with..But I havent given up yet and I hope we pass as Pierce Transit are behind the people and for the people..So if we failed please thank the car dealers.


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