Mildred Street to Get Bike Lane, Crosswalks and Pedestrian Islands in Traffic Safety Grant

Mildred Street, from South 19th St. to South 12th St. will be repaved and the number of travel lanes will be reduced to make room for bike lanes, landscaped medians and more, thanks to a traffic grant secured by the City of Tacoma.

Tacoma streets will get some needed improvements, thanks to more than $1.9 million in safety grants for Public Works from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

The grants were awarded based on the cost-effectiveness of proposed safety improvements and on Tacoma's ability to deliver the projects quickly, according to a city press release. 

This project will rehabilitate Mildred Street from South 19th Street to South 12th Street. In conjunction with the repaving, the project will reduce the number of travel lanes from five to three in order to provide bike lanes, improved transit access, landscaped medians, pedestrian refuge islands and a new mid-block crosswalk with flashing warning beacons. 

The grant will also fund low cost safety improvements at intersections throughout the City of Tacoma. Most improvements will be conducted at signalized intersections, with priority given to the busiest intersections with the most collisions. The work will include installation of durable reflective pavement markings and improved signage, as well as new crosswalks, stop bars, arrows and lane lines. 

It will install a traffic signal and add pedestrian curb bulbs at the intersection of South 25th Street and J Street, interconnecting five nearby traffic signals. The project will also improve curb ramps and signal detection at the intersections of South 25th Street and Yakima Avenue and South 25th Street and Tacoma Avenue. 

Do you think this grant will improve the quality of Mildred Street? Tell us in the comments.

Ken Campbell February 14, 2013 at 06:13 PM
I love the comment ` pedestrian refuge islands'...a slight improvement for this suicide stretch of roadway...I will miss the natural speed bumps that our neighbor city is famous for...and, if they had any vision at all, they should have incorporated a roundabout at 19th...
dan February 15, 2013 at 08:28 PM
Our country is broke! This grant is OUR OWN money funneled through WASH DC and dripped back to us, as if its fallen from the sky. When will we wake up? Going from 4 lanes to 2, making a financial investment of this type so a few hundred people a day can act like 7 year olds in their $10,000 biking gear to scoot along mildred for 7 blocks is a terrible waste of money. Another congested street that will cut down on commerce in the James Center. We hire city planners who need stuff to do, so they apply for grants from the US Gov't, which is our own money, if you don't believe in COLD fusion folks, we just found it!!
CARL J. MOLLNOW, MAJ. USAF RET. February 16, 2013 at 05:25 AM
Dan has said exactly that witch I was going to iterate. He is on the money! The clowns who planed University Place into $120,000,000.00+ of long term debt (that's $60 million plus interest for 25-30 years of renting the money to "LANDSCAPE U.P.") and turned our 4 lane efficient streets into traffic jammed "turtle lanes" causing road rage and rebuffing customers to our businesses – spending and wasting Other Peoples Money. The OPM being a competition for and then wasting needlessly the money taken from us (fed & state taxes) -i.e.: the Grant itself! We "Do Not" need bike lanes to impede traffic flow and endanger the bicyclists who rarely appear or use them. If there is a bike on the street - give that still alive person (unlike he who was killed by a U.P. Police Officer while in a bike lane) the "ENTIRE LANE" and use the other lane to safely pass at a reasonable speed. Then the automobile driver who is texting - reading - cell-talking - not paying attention - or is just an incompetent driver doesn't KILL THE BIKER in the narrow handle-bar protruding lane of disaster and death. Every day while I drive, I see cars "driving in the bike lane or weaving left and right doing "in car non-in car activities". Bikes do not pay road taxes, BUT if a bicyclist is out biking, give him/her/child or dumbbell thinking a bike lane is "a bike safety zone" a chance to live for another day- give that person "The Entire Lane". Fix the street; keep 4 lanes & no bike lanes.
CARL J. MOLLNOW, MAJ. USAF RET. February 16, 2013 at 05:28 AM
Drive thru Lakewood where the city planners leave the 4 lanes intact and have signs that say "Give the bike the entire lane". Why do we "here in University Place have IDIOTS IN CHARGE of important safety planning/functions? Ans.: Because the voters voted these morons in and HAVE NOT THE SENSE to recognize stupidity or that the entire University Place City Government Group are awash in their TEMERITY and cowardliness to purport Common Sense - that is - if they had any to start with. Listen U.P. Folks ! Heed ‘Dan’s” totally Common Sense soliloquy and turn it into Action. It is time to turn this 17+ year Folly into something of a Sensible New City Pathway to debtfreeidness and success! http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/folly?s=t
Christie Anderson February 19, 2013 at 09:12 PM
So Carl....are you running for UP city council again?


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