Letter to the Editor: Mark Mullet has Voted Against Increased Property Tax in Issaquah Every Year

Issaquah City Councilman and 5th District resident Fred Butler says rhetoric from independent groups claiming Mark Mullet supports raising taxes is simply untrue.

Dear Editor:

I have worked with Mark Mullet since he was elected to the Issaquah City Council in 2009.  It really bothers me to see the stuff coming from independent groups saying that Mark Mullet supports raising taxes. That is simply not true and is far from the truth. 

During my time on the Issaquah Council I have been impressed that Mark looks for efficiencies in government to balance the budget not extra tax revenue.  Mark has voted against increasing the property tax on Issaquah residents every year since he was elected. Mark will bring the same fiscal responsibility he has shown on the Council to Olympia to balance our state budget. 

I encourage you to vote for Mark Mullet for State Senate.

Fred Butler

Issaquah City Council

Terry J. LaBrue October 31, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Fred: You've been sipping the Koolaid, again. You didn't mention that Mark Mullet has a horrible record of misusing city funds and the public trust. He was instrumental in passing the worthless plastic bag ban in the Issaquah City Council, which will cost all consumers in the long run. He supported the $6 million pedestrian bridge to nowhere that cost the city several hundred thousand dollars. He supported the restaurant take-out ban on foam containers, which costs small businesses more money and trouble. (I guess pizza boxes aren't considered a problem in the landfill.) And, every year Mark Mullet has been on the city council, he's doled out more city dollars for among other boondoggles: the new trolly to nowhere, the $900,000 repair to the Black Nugget retaining wall, and squandered the hotel/motel tax proceeds on worthless schemes for ineffective Issaquah tourism marketing programs. And worst of all, he exhibited his lack of civic duty by voting for the $1,000,000 Issaquah Highlands development improvements such as sidewalks that his business would benefit from. I agree Mark Mullet would fit in perfectly with the mismanagement that the legislature has perpetrated for the last few years. That's why a vote for Brad Toft is a much better idea. We certainly don't need another ethics-challenged spendthrift in Olympia.
Bob McCoy November 01, 2012 at 03:02 AM
Worthless plastic-bag ban. Foam containers, Pizza boxes in landfills. Pedestrian Bridges. Sidewalks. Tourism. Yes these are the bane of politicians who have no (as in zero) idea of the changing reality of our world. Brad Toft is one such free-of-reality person, according to the letter of Terry La Brue. I wonder if the company and workers who poured the sidewalks cursed Mark for the work? I wonder if any adjoining businesses might also benefit from the sidewalks? Probably the retaining wall workers were upset that they had to go to work, and couldn't collect unemployment. Toft has shown an incredible ability to pick a campaign letter-writer that has no sense of the environment, jobs, or education. Somehow Toft will make Olympia lean and efficient by repeating Tea-Bagger mantras. And based on what I've seen on Patch, Toft's campaign should tread lightly when writing about ethics-challenged candidates. Spendthrift or not, we do not need an ethics-challenged person as the record documents about Toft . Toft found no difficulty in assigning responsibility to an apparently unsupervised intern for errors posted on his website regarding his educational achievements. Perhaps, he's unable to accept responsibility? Toft's campaign seems suited to detritophages, not the hard-working citizens of the 5th Legislative District.


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