(UPDATE) Election 2012: Pierce County Primary Results

Connie Ladenburg still leads in the race for Pierce County Council, District 4. Ken Grassi gained a bit of ground against Sharon Benson.

The following are vote totals for selected Pierce County races, as reported by the Pierce County Auditor's Office on Tuesday night. (Percentages might not total 100 due to rounding.)


Pierce County Executive

Candidate Vote Total Vote % Bruce Minker 24,553 24.45%
Pat McCarthy 46,348 65.03%
Total Votes

County Assessor-Treasurer

Candidate Vote Total Vote % Mike Lonergan 28,688 40.19%
Spiro Manthou 3,750 5.25%
Billie O'Brien 17,184 24.07%
Tim Farrell 13,890 19.46%
Dale Washam 7,636 10.70%

Total Votes

County Council District No. 2

Candidate Vote Total Vote % Joyce McDonald 6,401 67.06% Daniel (J.R.) Wikane 910 9.53% Jeffery Hogan 2,105 22.05%

Total Votes

County Council District No. 3

Candidate Vote Total Vote % Corey J. Drury 1,222 12.00% Jim McCune 4,364 42.87% Marilyn Rasmussen 4,562 44.81% Total Votes

County Council District No. 4

Candidate Vote Total Vote % Connie Ladenburg 4,987 39.57% Ken J. Grassi 2,773 22.00% Chris Nye 1,868 14.82% Sharon Benson 2,937 23.30% Total Votes

County Council District No. 6

Candidate Vote Total Vote % Ann Dasch 5,123 43.35% Doug Richardson 6,669 56.43% Total Votes


Voter Turnout

As of this morning, the Pierce County Auditor’s Office had received 104,060 ballots, or about 25 percent of the ballots issued.

Compared to the August primary election of 2008 – the last presidential election year – absentee voter turnout is down, compared to 33 percent the day of the election. However, the numbers are somewhat skewed, as Pierce County still allowed people to physically vote at the polls at the time. Now, it’s all by absentee ballot.

Compared to last year’s primary election – during which Pierce County had started conducting elections exclusively by absentee ballot – voter turnout is about the same at 25 percent.

Elections manager Mike Rooney said the county now expects a return of about 40 percent of the ballots, down from the 48 percent it originally projected.

Other counties are also seeing lower-than-normal turnout.

Rooney said the primary date this year, which was moved up about two weeks, might also be contributing to the turnout.



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