CITY MANAGER INFOBULLETS: Garbage Collection Rate Increase, 96th Signal Cabinet Switch

Lakewood City Manager Andrew Neiditz - who is moving on become the executive director of South Sound 911 - provides his last weekly note to the community.

Garbage Collection Service Rate Increase: On March 1st the service rates for providing  garbage  collection within the City will increase.  Under the terms of the City’s service contract one  automatic adjustment of the rates per year is allowed.  The adjustment is limited to only  the year to year change in the Consumer Price Index for the Seattle-Tacoma area and the  year to year change in the disposal fee charged at the landfill. For this last year the change in the Consumer Price Index was 1.641% while the disposal fee charge increased 5.1%.  As a result the new monthly service rate for a residential customer with recycling and a 65 gallon toter with weekly service will now be $32.23 versus $31.09.

STW/ 96th – Signal cabinet switch-out Saturday morning: Public Works signal technicians will be performing a signal cabinet switch out at South Tacoma Way and 96th Street on Saturday morning February 16th from 7am to 10am.  The signal will be “dark” during the switch out and the intersection controlled by a Lakewood Police officer.  The new cabinet replaces the out-dated cabinet and will provide ability to operate the new video detection cameras.  Detection at this intersection has been inoperable for several months due to broken detection loops.

-Lakewood City Manager Andrew Neiditz

*Note: This is Neiditz' final weekly note to the community. He will become the executive director of South Sound 911.


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