West Pierce Gets Its Own Piece Of World Trade Center Steel

The five firefighters who picked up a piece of the Twin Towers volunteered to do so.

As one group of is traveling east to commemorate Sept. 11, another group will be coming back with a piece of history.

The fire department says today a group of firefighters picked up a piece of the World Trade Center that collapsed 10 years ago in New York.

West Pierce Fire & Rescue joins fire departments across the country that are receiving a piece of 9/11 steel to commemorate the 10-year anniversary. , for example, got a piece this past summer.

The firefighters volunteered to drive to New York and raised money for the trip. They will stay through the weekend to participate in the anniversary commemoration and will head back to Washington next week. After they have arrived, a dedication ceremony will be scheduled.

According to - one of the four motorcycle riders from West Pierce - the five firefighters who are collecting the steel are Greg Reimann, Ken VonStein, Chad Walker, Tyler Newton and Jason Carr.

"All A-shifters," Johnson wrote, "(they) cancelled their flight plans to pick up the 600-pound piece of steel and bring it back to West Pierce to be displayed in a place of honor as yet to be decided. Thanks guys."


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