University Place Police: Kidnapping and Assault Outside Urgent Care, Regional Search for Disabled Teen

The following arrest and crime information is from the University Place Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

FEB. 14, 2013

Kidnapping and Assault: A nurse at U.P. Urgent Care reported to 9-11 that she was sitting in the employee break room when she heard a commotion outside the window. She looked outside and saw three men beating on someone in the parking lot facing the Good Wok Teriyaki Restaurant. She opened the door and yelled at the suspects, who fled the scene in a minivan. The man on the ground was severely injured, and the nurse took him into the Urgent Care Center.

The victim told police he was at the cigarette shop on 40th St. W. and was walking home along Bridgeport Way W. when the silver minivan pulled up alongside him and men inside started calling him homophobic names. He said he had met the men once before at a bar on 6th Ave. and he flipped them off while he was trying to walk away. The victim said that the van paced him until he got to the parking lot outside the Urgent Care Center and then he was dragged into the van, where he was hit and kicked so many times that they knocked him unconscious. He had to be transported to the hospital to be further evaluated for his injuries.

UP Police requested Peninsula Detachment Deputies arrest two of the men for kidnapping and assault in the first degree based on probable cause. No suspects were located at the time of this report.

DUI: An intoxicated 18-year-old man totaled his vehicle by striking the meridian curb on the 7000 block of Cirque Dr. W. He ran over three city-owned trees and did extensive damage to his car. He was arrested for DUI and his passenger was arrested for obstructing an officer, after he insisted the accident was due to a car malfunction. He was also arrested for minor in possession of alcohol. Both were released to their parents.

Missing Person: A woman reported to 9-11 that her 17-year-old son with Asperberger Syndrome had wandered off in the parking lot of the Pacific Wellness Center on Bridgeport Way. He is high functioning but doesn’t have any money or a bus pass.

At about 7 p.m., police began to search an area spanning all of UP, including Highway 16 and Chambers Creek. They continued to search until the boy called his mother at about 9 p.m. from the Papa John’s on 72nd and Pacific Ave. E., where they were reunited.

FEB. 15, 2013

Assault: A man was checking out at Safeway when he said an unknown, large Asian male punched him in the face without provocation or warning, and then walked out of the grocery store. The victim did not know why he was punched in the face and he had never met that man before; the Safeway manager saw the incident and followed the man outside and noticed his license plate number. UP Police watched the security footage, ran the license plates and found the car was affiliated with a case involving an Asian male who walked up to someone and assaulted them in Lakewood. Police visited the suspect’s registered address but he was not located. The case was forwarded to the prosecutor for charging.

FEB. 16, 2013

Vandalism: An officer on routine patrol in Kobayashi Park noticed that a window on the west side of the pool building had been shattered. The window was too tall for anyone to climb through. University Place Public Works was notified and the officer was told someone would go board up the window.

MIP: Police were dispatched to a domestic violence call at an apartment on Cascade Pl. W. and observed two subjects walking out of the apartment. They were in an argument in the apartment. One of the men was released, the other was drunk and appeared to be underage. He refused to tell officers his name and lied at the jail about who he was. He was later identified as a 20-year-old convicted felon.

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Lauren Padgett February 25, 2013 at 05:52 PM
Thanks Dan, we do plan on making this a regular weekly feature. Much thanks to UP Police Chief Mike Blair for working with us to make these reports accessible!
Musique February 26, 2013 at 03:24 PM
I agree. Thank you.
Kathy Gruber February 26, 2013 at 07:24 PM
Thanks for the update on these - very helpful
Brigitte Damm February 26, 2013 at 08:31 PM
This is useful to our community and reminds us to always be aware of our surroundings! Thank you Lauren and Chief Mike Blair!
Nancy Marquez March 02, 2013 at 12:40 AM
We can never tell when and where danger will strike, who would that be and what would they look like. We could also never know how will they hurt us. So all we need to do is to be prepared because everyone could be their victim. Good thing I heard about this application while surfing in the net, I subscribed myself right away to safekidzone after reading the features.


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