Puyallup Men Arrested in Connection With 100 Burglaries After Mercer Island Break-In

Two Puyallup men were arrested Sunday after they burglarized a Mercer Island home and tried to make their getaway.

Two Puyallup men suspected of burglarizing approximately 100 residences from King County to Thurston County were arrested on Sunday, Jan. 27 after they broke into a Mercer Island home and thought they had made a clean getaway, according to a Mercer Island Police news release.

Detectives working on a regional investigation team from Bellevue, Mercer Island and several other agencies arrested the men at 5:10 p.m. (A Mercer Island Police report credits Bellevue Police with the actual arrest).

The two men, ages 20 and 24, had completed a burglary on Mercer Island in the Mercer Island Estates neighborhood. The burglars had broken into a home on the 7600 block of 85th Place SE at 2:45 p.m., within two hours of their arrest, taking jewelry and silver items. They entered the home by smashing a second story sliding door with a brick, which has been a common mode of entry, according to Mercer Island Police.

The team has been investigating this particular group for several weeks and is in the process of tying them to 100 or more burglaries in the area. 

Mercer Island Police Cmdr. Leslie Burns said the burglaries are scattered across at least six different jurisdictions.

Mercer Island Police say they believe two men arrested on Sunday are responsible for over 20 burglaries on Mercer Island alone.

It is unknown at this time the total value of property that has been taken in these burglaries. Investigators say they will be working over the next few weeks to identify additional victims.


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