Police Arrest Driver Who Was Allegedly Intoxicated and Ran Into Tree Early Sunday

A Patch user e-mailed us about the incident shortly after midnight on Beckonridge Drive West, and University Place Police confirmed it Monday.

At least one University Place resident awoke to a loud crash early Sunday.

Patch user Klaus e-mailed us the following:

Beckonridge Drive, about at the intersection of Julies Terrace, five minutes after midnight on April 15: Loud crash, apparent car accident. Then loud engine noise for a few minutes (car trying to take off?) About three minutes later police arrives - counted seven cruisers (identifiable by their lights).

Officers interrogating someone, looking for something on Julies Terrace and perhaps beyond. Now, at 1:15 AM, 2 cruisers still present. What happened? Difficult to tell because of darkness and absence of streetlights. Just curious what might prompt this show of force.....

I e-mailed University Place Interim Police Sgt. Mike Blair about the incident, and he responded today with this:

Yes, it was a 20-year-old kid who admitted to driving 50-60 mph in a 25 mph zone. He lost control and hit a tree. He was clearly intoxicated and admitted he bought beer and hard lemonade at a local 7-11. He was booked for Reckless Driving and MIP.

Thanks, Chief Blair, for letting us know. More importantly, thanks, Patch users, for keeping your community in the loop!


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