Bonney Lake Police Reports: Stuffed Moose Head Stolen, Man Hits Subway Sign With Car and More

The following arrest information has been supplied by the Bonney Lake Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

AUGUST 23, 2012

  • Officers responded to Grocery Outlet for a report of a teen boy who attempted to steal a bottle of wine from the store. He ran after being confronted by an employee and got into a car and drove away. The officer knew the juvenile from previous instances and caught up with him. He admitted he was “being stupid.” His passenger, another juvenile, stole one bottle from the store and discarded it in the woods near Allan Yorke Park. He was arrested for theft and minor in possession of alcohol. His passenger was charged with minor in possession of alcohol.
  • A resident on 197th Ave. E. reported that his unfinished home had been broken into and a large stuffed moose head had been stolen. He said a hanging chandelier made of wild game antlers had been removed from the ceiling and was lying on the floor.

AUGUST 24, 2012

  • A woman reported that his BMX bicycle had been stolen from outside Safeway. She had left it unlocked outside the store.
  • Police responded to a local home for a theft report from a juvenile. The homeowner stated that the teen, living with her, stole $30 and had just purchased new batteries for his guitar amp. The juvenile admitted that he used the money to buy a drink and some chips, and said he did “stupid stuff” and was expelled from school for making a “hit list.” The officer advised the family to go to counseling and made a referral to the juvenile prosecutor about the theft.

AUGUST 25, 2012

  • An officer was dispatched to an assault in-progress at a residence on 182nd Ave. E. The dispatcher told the officer that a woman could be heard screaming in the background of the 9-11 call. A man met the officer in the driveway of the home and he had marks on his hands and face. He said his estranged wife had showed up at the residence and attempted to come in. She found another woman’s purse and demanded to know who it belonged to. She began throwing things around the house and he attempted to restrain her. She scratched him in the face. She admitted to assaulting him because she was angry he walked out on her and her child. She was arrested for assault.
  • A resident reported that his vehicle had been broken into overnight and some items were stolen, including his vehicle registration and tools.
  • An employee at Subway reported that a car hit a menu sign at the business and hopped a curb. The driver appeared intoxicated. Police caught up with the vehicle, which accelerated rapidly and drive sideways on 208th Ave. E. There were four people in the vehicle and the driver immediately told the officer the car was in rear wheel drive, which explained why it was traveling sideways. The driver had a warrant out for his arrest for reckless endangerment and he had a suspended license. He had methamphetamine in his pocket, plus some painkillers.

AUGUST 27, 2012

  • An officer was dispatched to a vehicle prowl at a residence on 184th Ave. Pl. E. The reporting party said that sometime between midnight and 7 a.m., his pressure washer and paint sprayer were stolen from the open bed of his Dodge pickup. There was also a coat hanger stuck in the drivers side window – the thief appeared to have attempted to break into the van but it didn’t appear that anything had ben stolen.
Jim Davey September 07, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Had a great morning visiting Bonney Lake PD on Sept 13th last year on my first ever visit to the US, going on patrol,as a retired English Traffic cop it was so interesting to see how things were done on the other side of the pond and to be invited to the farewell lunch for the retiring Police Chief.Thanks guys for making me so welcome and take care out there


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