Snow Wimps Or Snow Warriors?

Have you stayed home, braved the roads, or gotten into a fender bender due to the weather this week?

Los Angeles Times’ writer Kim Murphy’s recent article Snow wimps: Seattle is shut down by first real snow of the season began with “Color Seattle clueless,” and continued to poke fun at Washington state’s losing battle against the January snow and ice storm of 2012.

Northwest sportswriter Art Thiel has had enough, and fired back on Friday with Critics Of Seattle In Snow: Shut The Hell Up.

Is Murphy right — Are we wimps who don’t know how to drive in the snow? Or does Thiel make a better aurgument — is Seattle snow (aka Seattle cement) a different breed of winter-menace, and Seattle’s hilly topography doesn’t help, either?

Tell us what you think (and where you’re from) in the comments section. Have you stayed home, braved the roads, or gotten into a fender bender due to the weather this week?

Paul Thorpe January 21, 2012 at 05:27 PM
We are not wimps because we stayed home the first two days! Because heavy snow is rare here, unlike Minnesota where my wife grew up and faced it repeatedly every year, people who grew up here are not accustomed to dealing with it. Why drive in it if you don't have to? The 1,000+ collisions in those two days is the reason we avoided getting out there.
Suzy Boozy January 21, 2012 at 07:54 PM
It is not a matter of Wimpy or Warrior, it is however a matter of what we are prepared for. What We ARE prepared for is Rain, Wonderful refreshing rain and lots of rainbows!! Are folks from hot regions wimpy because they cannot handle our weather? Why do they wear layers and layers of cloths and RUN OUT of the rain LOL sissies. You can tell the "Visitors" from the rest........ They run from their cars for cover from the rain LOL
Rick January 21, 2012 at 10:44 PM
I lived in So. Cal for about Two years, and they can't even drive in the rain. They have more accidents when it rains, then we had with 2 days of Heavy Snows. If it isn't at least 60 degrees outside, the majority of them complain..They can have the Smog, the traffic, the cost of living. We all take our Blue Skies and periodic Heavy Snow.


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