UPDATE: Patch User Issues Apology To Bad News Bears For Mistaken Concerns Over Sign

The user "used poor judgment" on the matter and says he considered it a lesson learned.

UPDATE: 5:24 p.m., 5/24/12

In the comments section below, Eric Kuhnau, the Patch user who initially had concerns over the sign, issued this letter to the team:

An open letter of apology to the children, families, coaches and supporters of the Bad News Bears,

I apparently was very wrong in my opinion that this was an inappropriate sign for your team. Please accept my apology to each of you.

To Coach Josh, I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and hope nothing but the best for you and your team. I should have addressed it with you and I was wrong not to.

To Jeff, I am sorry as well and thank you for the personal visit today to clarify. If it had been meant as as joke and to be broken glass, I didn't get the joke. I am sorry for that and appreciate the fact that you were trying to instill team spirit.

To the City, I am sorry this was such an issue and to have wasted your time.

I guess I was the one who used poor judgement in this matter and consider that my lesson learned.

Eric K.


UPDATE: 1:51 p.m., 5/24/12

I just received the following e-mail from the City of University Place's Todd Smith in response to Eric Kahnau's comments on the Bad News Bears sign:

The City of University Place strives to provide positive, quality, fun, enriching opportunities to youth, teens, adults, and seniors in our community.  Parks & Recreation has contacted the team, and the sign is being changed.    The “Bad News Bears” sign is not an official City of University Place sign, nor was it created, or endorsed by the City’s Recreation division.  The perceived negative (inappropriateness) of the sign was not intentional and definitely not created in that context.

We would like to celebrate the fact that there are 855 youth, on 69 teams, coached by over 138 volunteer coaches who are giving their time and compassion to provide an opportunity to experience, learn and play in our youth baseball program.  Local businesses have sponsored 54 of our teams, the “Community Supported Parks & Recreation” 501c3 organization provided 21 scholarships for those needing a little financial support, and there are a dozen youth employed as umpires for this year’s baseball season.  We want to thank all of our supporters.


Patch user Eric Kuhnau sent the following e-mail to Patch and the City of University Place:

I wanted to bring to your attention a sign that apparently has been posted at some of the coach pitch games/practices for the team Bad News Bears.  I am not sure the bullet holes, real or otherwise, sends a positive message about the City's youth sport programs, especially for children in 1st and 2nd grade. Frankly I am very disappointed and shocked at the message this sign sends to other teams as well as parents and families of University Place and beyond.

I would hope that corrective action is taken to at least remove the bullet holes from the sign.  I would like to think that a coach would use much better judgement in teaching 7-9 year-old children that a shot up sign bearing their team name is the best representation of themselves.  I would hope that our Parks and Rec department would not support or endorse this representation of their programs and resolve it quickly.  It makes me so thankful that we have had great coaches for all of the teams my child has played on that not only taught them the sport and game but also about sportsmanship and positive values.  Not about shot up signs or other messages of violence.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,


pyoung May 25, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Whooo weeeeeee... I just checked in and DAMNNNN - Erik really caused an S-Storm for himself. All I can say is WOW. A little dude baseball team created all this nonsence? Erik, you should be ashamed of yourself for involving an entire community and affecting a baseball team you have no attachments to. Did you wife make you post this or did you do this on your own behalf? #1 Bad News Bears - keep on keepin on!
J May 25, 2012 at 04:56 AM
Wow... great observation KJ.. I forgot this was KING5 news. Welcome to the party. You are so smart with your not worth the effort comment. I am curious on why you feel your comment was indeed worth the effort? Usually people like you should stay off these type of forums.
Paul Englert May 25, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Paul Englert My nephew plays on the Bad News Bears baseball team. I have been to as many games as I've been able to get to in support of my nephew and his team and have gotten to know quite a few of the good parents. For you to infer or suggest that a team sign is teaching violence or something inappropriate or to question the intention or integrity of these good people and coaches who volunteer their time is rediculous. That sign was made in my garage with no malice intended. I coached my now grown boys, one of which just returned from deployment in the Middle East in service of this free country where free speech is just one of the many rights that my son was protecting. My boys turned out fine. My integrity and the integrity of all the people involved is not to be questioned by the likes of you. Do you or have you ever coached or do you just like to sit on the sideline and criticize the efforts of others? Maybe you should contact Copper Tone and complain about the ad appearing all over the country where the dog's pulling down the little girls swim suit exposing her back side. Where does it stop? Based on the photo of you posed in front of a cleavage exposed mural, you need to check your own camp about the message that sends. It's people like you who ruin things for the majority. Why? Because you can? Continued
Paul Englert May 25, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Maybe you should spend your time doing something other than causing trouble for and wasting the time of good coaches and people who are spending their time making a "POSITIVE" difference. Any thoughts? Probably not or this whole thing would have never happened.
J May 25, 2012 at 05:14 PM
Well said Paul....hope that moron and the people like him keep their ignorance to themselves!!!


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