Wanted: Good Homes For Dogs Currently Living In Hoarding Situation

Foster and foster-to-adopt homes needed, as well as donations, as Steilacoom-based organization prepares to rescue more than 50 dogs.

The Kindred Souls Foundation is in need of a few good helpers as it deals with an emergent hoarding case involving more than 50 dogs.

The Steilacoom-based organization is unable to release specifics due to confidentiality rules, but among the facts known are that the dogs vary in age between 9 months and 7 years, range between 15-30 pounds and are mostly Schnauzer mixes and Aussie/Border Collie mixes. The dogs are currently living outdoors with minimal human contact and inadequate shelter for the winter.

Kindred Souls hopes to get all of the dogs spayed and neutered and up to date on medical care, and into foster or foster-to-adopt homes as quickly as possible.

Those willing to foster a dog must have a completed application on file before they will be placed with an animal. Applications are available at http://www.kindredsoulsfoundation.org/hoarding.htm and can be e-mailed to kindredsouls@kindredsoulsfoundation.org.

The rescue will be done in phases and organizers expect the first group of dogs to be removed in less than two weeks.

Applicants should be aware that the dogs have never lived indoors and therefore need to be housebroken. They are also in need of training and socialization; Kindred Souls staff said that they are shy, but warm up to new people, and are not aggressive.

As with any new pet, there needs to be a gradual introduction to family members both human and animal. Because the dogs live in groups, they are expected to be able to cohabitate with other dogs.

The organization is also in need of monetary donations to assist with veterinarian costs for the 50-plus dogs. They can be made online or through the mail to P.O. Box 88627 Steilacoom, WA 98388.

Other needed items include gift certificates to Chambers Creek Vet, Metropolitan Vet and Lisa’s Pet Pawlor and pet-supply stores in the Lakewood/Tacoma area. Other suggested donations are Revolution for dogs 10.1-20# and 20.1-40#, kennels for dogs waiting for homes, dry dog food and large stainless-steel bowls and donations to hardware/home-improvement stores to help winterize existing kennels for dogs waiting for homes.


Kindred Souls is a great organization. We have fostered several dogs from those folks and are in line to foster one of these pooches. If you have a dog or two already, and they are nice, then you should step up and help. They WILL find a good home for each dog so you will not be 'stuck' with them. (otherwise we would have about ten dogs now!) It is tough letting them go but it is very satisfying help the dogs be good family members for someone. PS: those folks at Chambers Creek Vet are so supportive. They donate so much time, services and love: Thank you.


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