The Freeze Has Taken Over University Place

At 45 cents an ounce, the build-your-own-frozen-yogurt shop, which has been open since St. Patrick's Day, has grown into a hit with locals.

The Freeze has taken over University Place, and frozen yogurt lovers couldn't be happier.

The build-your-own-frozen-yogurt shop, which has been open since St. Patrick's Day, has grown into a hit with locals.

Situated at the former space at Green Firs Village off Bridgeport Way West, The Freeze taps into the region's lack of sunny days with Hawaiian shirt decor, tiki torches and all, as well as customer service that's just as bright and fun.

General Manager Kyla O'Herin tells Patch that the atmosphere is intentional. Her and owner Jason Maggard's original plan was to open a bar, and not in University Place, but Puyallup.

However, Maggard, on a family visit to California more than a year ago, visited a similar frozen yogurt shop that earned the endorsement of two of The Freeze's biggest boosters: his two daughters.

Over the course of a year, Maggard turned the idea into reality, finalizing the idea of a fun-themed yogurt spot in University Place, of all places.

So far, his decision looks to be genius.

"We wanted to be different than the other shops," O'Herin says. "The community has really welcomed us in."

What has made this infant sweet spot such a hit and set it apart from other shops is the power ... the power it gives to customers to build their own frozen treat.

At 45 cents an ounce, customers can choose from eight exotic frozen yogurt flavors, which allows you to set the pace of your indulgence. You then take another step right to The Freeze's two-sided topping bar, where customers can go healthy (fruits) or, um, not healthy (candy, sauces, etc.).

The Freeze is doing another thing fairly well. It's tapping into the University Place community. It gave free yogurts to Curtis High's state-champion girls relay team. It offered moms a free treat on Mother's Day.

That's the stuff that not only attracts customers, but it also builds their loyalty to keep 'em coming back.

O'Herin says she expects patronage at The Freeze to increase as the weather heats up and school lets out.

The best way to keep up with The Freeze's happenings and deals is to visit its Facebook page.

Rob H June 01, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Might try putting vanilla on tap.
Brent Champaco June 02, 2012 at 12:23 AM
Thanks Rob. Kyla was telling me they get their yogurt from an Oregon company, which has a selection. I'll definitely pass on your suggestion.
Brent Champaco June 02, 2012 at 12:23 AM
I had a Hawaiian pineapple with white chocolate chips, peanut butter cups and chocolate sauce. What's your favorite?


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