Sumner YMCA Establishes Headquarters at The Old Cannery

Plans for the Sumner YMCA are well underway with headquarters and regular office hours in town at the Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse.

Even before final approval of Orton Junction land use project or groundbreaking date, the Sumner YMCA has put an official stake in the ground with a local office and Facebook page.

Now you can "like" the Sumner YMCA on Facebook and learn about the project on the organization website, but even more exciting is the opportunity for face time with YMCA staff at their official headquarters in The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse.

The office space was donated by The Old Cannery and is an opportunity for the YMCA to become a tangible part of the Sumner community, said Renee Quinn, community relations coordinator for the YMCA of Pierce and Kistap Counties.

"As an association, we are very much committed to the Sumner YMCA project and want to show that with our presence here," said Quinn. "We're going to be attending community events and hosting regular office hours here in town."

So far, the Sumner YMCA has raised $7.4 million of the $10 million goal, with the next fund-raising event being Girls Night Out, sponsored by the Sumner Rotary and scheduled for April of next year.

There are no blueprints or mock-ups of the Sumner YMCA yet, but Quinn said that residents can get an idea of what to expect by visiting the Haselwood and Gig Harbor branches.

To learn more and get involved, stop in and visit Quinn at The Old Cannery during her office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Email her for an appointment at rquinn@ymcapkc.org, or call 253-534-7841.

Lauren Padgett November 02, 2012 at 10:00 PM
It's exciting to have a local liaison in town from the YMCA. Renee said she's working on a blog to share with us here on Patch too, so stay tuned for that!
Kathleen November 03, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Lauren, I thought Orton Junction was denied by GMB and Sumner is in appeal with the Hearing Board...Did that change?
Lauren Padgett November 03, 2012 at 01:34 AM
Hi Kathleen, I didn't mean to delete your comment (I'm on my iPad and I accidentally did so!) I really apologize for that. The GMHB did deny the Orton Junction project but the city has filed an appeal so that determination hasn't been finalized yet.


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