One For The Road? Not in University Place

The formerly state-run liquor store on 19th Street West closed this week, and it's unclear whether it will reopen under new, private ownership.

A pair of signs taped to the doors of the the tell the whole story:


The privately run liquor shut its doors this week, as stores across Washinton made , or in some cases, closing completely.

You can see the picture, but here's what another sign says:

"Where do you go ... after we close?"

"Store 16 on 38th open til 5/30"

"Store 132 Oakbrook open til 5/31"

"Tacoma Central (by Target) and 72nd and Pacific til 5/31"

It's still unclear whether the UP store will reopen under private ownership. What's clear is that you will be able to get liquor at stores such and , although it could cost you more than before.

If the store doesn't reopen, that would mean that over the last decade, University Place would have lost two liquor-specific stores (Bridgeport Way and now 19th).

Brent Champaco June 01, 2012 at 04:22 AM
Anyone been into the store this week before it closed?


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