Chambers Bay Going Without Gas On Earth Day

On April 22, not an ounce of fuel will be used to mow and maintain the 250-acre golf course in University Place.

(Editor's note: This news comes from Pierce County, which is taking an interesting approach to celebrating Earth Day)

It takes a lot of equipment and fuel to mow and maintain a 250-acre golf course like Chambers Bay.

But on April 22 - Earth Day - not an ounce of gas will be used to maintain the course.

Chambers Bay Superintendent David Wienecke has arranged for Jacobsen, an equipment manufacturer, and golf supply company RMT Equipment to provide electric mowers, greens rollers, bunker rakes and utility vehicles for a day.

Wienecke has invited golf course superintendents from throughout the region to test the equipment on the course, which is preparing to host the 2015 U.S. Open.

"It's been a dream of mine to build awareness in the golf community that we can be stewards of the environment while providing conditions worthy of a U.S. Open," Wienecke said. "Chambers Bay already uses much less water and fertilizer than most golf courses, and we're proud of our success as a reclaimed gravel mine. Jacobsen and RMT will show that the technology exists for the industry to take conservation efforts to the next level."

More information about the partners is available at www.chambersbaygolf.com, www.jacobsen.com and www.rmtequipment.com.


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