RAVE GREEN SCENE: What's Your Favorite Sounders FC Song?

Anyone who's been to a Sounders FC match knows that singing is vital to the experience. To help those who don't know the words by heart, we've provided the lyrics to a few songs, courtesy of the ECS.

Hola, Sounders supporters on Patch!

I haven’t checked in since before the last match, which might have been a good thing given the club’s lackluster performance against the (choking a little bit) San Jose Earthquakes last week. I will point out that were it not for a bad whistle that allowed a player who resembled Hansel and/or Gretel to punch in a pk, Michael Gspurning and the back line would have gotten another clean sheet. Did I call it or what?

Anyway, now that I feel smart, I’m here to tell you that I’ve gotten confirmation that the Sounders fan experience is for everyone. Reason being: my parents like it.

Mr. and Mrs. Brent’s-Mom-&-Dad experienced their first match against the Earthquakes. Despite the loss, they had a blast. They loved everything: the passion, the colors, the free tickets I gave them for babysitting. Everything.

The thing the Mrs. Brent’s Mom loved the most, however, was the singing from the Brougham Faithful section, which is on the same end as our seats. Coming from a woman who spends most of her days obsessively cleaning her already sparkling house and watching Dancing With The Stars, it was nice to hear. I mean, she’s usually a spectator, not a participant.

But there she was, joining in on every song. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume she was a scarf-wearing, pre-match-marching, tavern-frequenting member of the Emerald City Supporters. And if that were the case, I’d worry about the welfare of the rest of the patrons in the tavern.

I also think it’s a testament to the vocals of the fans. The singing is what makes a Sounders FC match, well, a Sounders FC match. The words speak to us locals. The fans are passionate, and it’s difficult not to get swept up in the chants and verses.

Just don’t – as I have done – assume you know the words, or even the order of the verses. It’s a big stadium, but your vocal ignorance can be heard up and down the pitch. Trust me, neighbors have told me so.

So, to help me and anyone else who doesn’t know the songs by heart, I’ve provided the words to a few of the regular songs from Sounders FC fans, courtesy of the ECS Supporters site. I’ve also provided a few YouTube videos for the tone-impaired.

And don’t worry if you think your singing is off-key. After a few ales, everyone starts to the sound the same anyway.

BONUS!!! Let me know what’s your favorite song in the comments section. If there are enough comments, I think I can convince myself and the other editors to sing the winning song for you.


Sky of Blue, Sea of Green

Seattle Sounders here we go, here we go, here we go X 2

Ole Ole! Ole Ole, Seattle Sounders here we go

A Sky of blue, A sea of green, Seattle Sounders here we go


The Blue and the Green

Go Sounders Go

Fight Sounders Fight

And the entire world will tremble at your might

We sing for you

We love you so

And we will follow you wherever you may go

Where you may go 

The Blue and the Green

We are the blue! We are the blue!

We are the green! We are the green!

We are the ECS and you can hear us scream! Hear us scream!

For our boys! For our boys!

Until the end! Until the end!

Our love for you only the Gods can understand! Can understand!


I’m a Sounder

I’m a Sounder, I’m seldom sober

I’m a Sounder, all blue and green

Its when I’m drinkin’, I’m always drinking,

To a Sounders victory!


Take ‘Em All

Take ‘em all,

Take ‘em all,

Put ‘em up against a wall and shoot ‘em,

Short n tall, watch ‘em fall,

Come on boys, take ‘em all 

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Debbie McDonald April 06, 2012 at 11:39 PM
My favorite song is "Seattle" but I always knew it as the Bluest Skies. Not to age myself but I can remember hearing it played on the radio when I was a very young kid. Of your choices it would have to "I'm a Sounder". I will take a 2-1 start to the season, lets see how they do with their first road trip against DC United.
Brent Champaco April 07, 2012 at 02:12 AM
@Debbie - Everyone loves Perry Como :) My favorite is Sky of Blue, Sea of Green. My daughter and I sing that all the time. It's great. I agree about the 2-1 start, although it's always tough against D.C., especially with the ever-dangerous De Rosario. You know one thing I noticed on the schedule? We don't get NY/NJ at home, which is unfortunate. It would have been nice to see Henry.


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