ZOOMING THROUGH THE SOUND: Blue Scholars School Us On Sounder Train Hip-Hop Video

The popular group from Seattle partnered with Sound Transit to produce a music video about the benefits of riding the train, as well as track safety. It's part of a larger safety campaign connected with new Sounder service from Lakewood to Tacoma.

Who knew the soundtrack to the Sounder commuter train sounded this dope?

Guess that's what happens when you mix popular Seattle hip-hop group Blue Scholars with Sound Transit. The result is a YouTube music video released today titled "Zoomin' through the Sound," a.k.a., "The Sound (Seattle's Sound Transit Anthem)."

(Watch the video in the media gallery above)

The video depicts MC Geologic (Geo), vocalist for the Blue Scholars, catching the Sounder train from Tacoma to Seattle. The song itself pays tribute to the ease of taking the train. Geo also waxes poetic about train safety: "You playin’ near the tracks, you playin’ with your life."

(Click here to visit the group's website)

The video is part of a larger campaign called “Be Smart. Be Safe.” launched by Sound Transit in connection with new Sounder commuter train service from Lakewood to Tacoma. The service officially began Monday.

“People don’t realize how quiet the Sounder train is, and how fast it travels,” said Carol Doering, community outreach specialist for Sound Transit. “We want everyone who lives and works in the Lakewood area, where our new service just started, to pay attention and obey all the signs and signals around train tracks.  We’re very excited to have a group as popular as the Blue Scholars helping us deliver these messages.”

It's a great video, tight song and all, but there's something glaring: no mention of Lakewood. There aren't any obvious scenes from Pierce County's second-largest city, nor are there any lyrics about it.

Oh well. If Geo and the rest of the Blue Scholars want to return to Lakewood to put down a verse speciically for our section of track, they'd get nothin' but love from us.

Dan October 11, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Great video. I'll be catching the train at the new 56th St. station for the Husky game on Saturday. I'd send a video, but I don't sing very well.
Brent Champaco October 11, 2012 at 11:57 PM
Nice, Dan. South Tacoma Station is another good option for UP and Lakewood residents. As for the video, we'd love to hear you belt out a tune.


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