YouTube User Claims University Place Comprised Of Secret Sects And Rich, White People (VIDEO)

The video is titled "Dec 2012 Special: Whitie Town Documentary University Place, WA Part 2." User InformationUneed, who appears to be a woman, narrates the video as she drives through the city.

I was on my daily Internet fishing expedition about our communities today when I stumbled across a YouTube clip that made me blurt out the following:


The title itself was a jaw-dropper, and at second glance I was even more offended: "Dec 2012 Special: Whitie Town Documentary University Place, WA Part 2."

But that was just the start. The 7 minute, 22 second video - which YouTube user InformationUneed published Sunday - starts in what appears to be the inside of a vehicle with a woman narrarating. The car is apparently driving east on Cirque Drive West.

It's the stuff that the woman says about University Place that had me shaking my head.

"It's sectioned off and segregated off, within Washington state, near Tacoma, for only white, affluent, rich people," the woman says around the 25-second mark. "Rumor is you have to a university degree to live here."

"I just want to point out that this area is only available to people who are in secret societies, and the reason why I know this is they have their symbolisms everywhere."

The biggest symbol the woman gives is the "Welcome to University Place. Home of the Curtis Vikings" sign on the south end of Bridgeport Way West, which includes a Masonic symbol.

"They have a branch that's covering it, because that's how they do, they cover their stuff, it's all secretive," the woman claims. "They don't like you coming around here showing this stuff."

Throughout the video, the woman insinuates that many in University Place adhere to a secret society - perhaps of the "1-percent" variety - that runs the community from up top.

Here is some information posted on the profile of YouTube user InformatioUneed:

INFORMATIONUNEED does the foot work4U....this channel provides the Information you need that's not always in the mainstream news, for believers ...


Let's face it...sellouts aren't allowed to tell the truth that's why they call them sellouts..So if you want some real news something fresh and not just ur average channel endoring satanic wickness of the world...THEN THIS IS YOUR CHANNEL ...INFORMATIONUNEED...Symbolism is important

At the risk of being labeled a sellout, I just have to say that I was stunned when I watched this video. I really was. This user, who admits she's not from UP, says some pretty shocking, offensive stuff. I may be out of the loop on any secret societies in town, but I know for a fact - and numbers back it up - that UP is more diverse than the affluent, white community the video claims it is.

Tell me what you think of this video in the comments below. Aside from the obviously ignorant stuff the narrator says, is there anything there that makes you think?

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Brent Champaco January 04, 2013 at 07:46 AM
There's another good conversation about this going on at our Facebook page. If you haven't already, don't forget to "Like" our page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/University-Place-Patch/140716729284368?ref=notif&notif_t=fbpage_admin
Chad January 04, 2013 at 09:00 AM
LMFAO!! I grew up there in the 70's and early 80's then moved to Alaska in 95.I was going to move back in a couple years but not sure now. All those "Evil" white Mitt Romney supportes and secret org's down there. Oh hell with it I guess Ill move there.Can someone please email me the directions for the secret handshake so I have it before I move down there. Does she have nothing better to do?? Is she one of the food stamp welfare leaches just wanting her 15 min of fame? She's a perfect case for a selective breeding program. Steralize her so she cant reproduce and make more people like herself.
Lee January 04, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Actually Chad most og the people who live there are democrats and Blue collar workers. It is not affluent at all, though sometime those in control think they are when they pushed out a High end resturant to try to Buil the UP Plaza. Curtis HS?!!! That is about the last place parents want their kids to go unless they went there themselves!
Robert Crane January 04, 2013 at 02:52 PM
Yikes!! What an uninformed racist. Imagine a white person driving through Hilltop in Tacoma and spouting how it's "Blackie town" because black people live there. You know the mayor and city manager are black. So it must be true". Wrong!! Same moronic logic. It's really scary that people actually think this way.
Musique January 04, 2013 at 02:53 PM
Kimberley, I agree with you that a video countering her would be the right thing to do, if I had one I would do it. I hope you post it on her FB page.
Musique January 04, 2013 at 03:39 PM
Brent, Are you able to get the statistical facts of who actually lives in UP?
Debbie Keith January 04, 2013 at 04:54 PM
What a waste! That was 7 minutes of garbage that I can never get back! It's hard to believe a person could drive in to our city and judge us that way.
Anna Betancourt MS, RD, CDE January 04, 2013 at 05:59 PM
What strikes me most, is that she is referring to the "whitey town". After all the accomplishements through hard work and struggle. Too sad to hear that there are such misconceptions and it's not only about University Place. She needs to read a couple of good books, and adjust her medication.
Nick Kerns January 04, 2013 at 08:54 PM
she couldn't just use the actual posted legal U-turn at that intersection?
Nick Kerns January 04, 2013 at 08:59 PM
I almost subscribed to her page to have a good laugh, but didn't want to support her, lol
Nick Kerns January 04, 2013 at 09:03 PM
I had no idea i was in a secret society! must be a huge secret
Janna Trolia January 05, 2013 at 01:30 AM
Bryan Edwards really is on to something... While an apology may not be necessary, I'd love to shake her hand and tell her I'm from here. A 'bleeding heart' fo that would be a silly assertion... Mental health or drug issues like this are real and at the core our nation's most newsworthy and heart wrenching issues (let's not forget the most recent). Yet, if this woman commits an act in the future, we'd say 'why didn't someone get her help???' But instead we a) took her rant seriously and then b) did nothing about it..... There's a disconnect there, isn't there? We're all pretty safe behind our computer and phone screens but she's driving around our community, totally believing her own assertions. Where are the #handsandfeet ? I choose not to respond to how and why UP is none of what she asserts because I won't give it any weight...
Christie Anderson January 05, 2013 at 04:21 AM
I got a copy of this remark in my email under "Concerned UPian" now it's "Vice-President of the Mayor Ken Grassi Fan Club".....Jonathan, are you sock-puppeteering again? :-p
Marsha January 05, 2013 at 09:23 PM
My husband is a Realtor and we keep a close watch on home prices. The homes she drove by on Cirque are NOT million dollar homes! The highest in that area that I know of is one in Campus Crest going for mid $500k. Total weirdness!
Robert Crane January 05, 2013 at 11:54 PM
I found and watched another video this woman made. Tells me she definately has mental health issues. Delusional, paranoid, depression? Sadly, I'm sure she thinks she's normal. She really needs professional help. I hope shes gets it.
Amy Booth January 06, 2013 at 01:20 AM
I am actually saddened by this. The woman obviously has some paranoia issues. This video clearly shows her racism, the very point she is trying to say that is a problem here. I do this find it funny that she ends her video in the worst party of University Place up on Orchard street. I wish she would have zoomed in to the local Forza Cafe! :)
another mom January 06, 2013 at 01:56 AM
This poor lady is one of those whom internet access does a disservice. While she sees it as an avenue for expressing her beliefs and "getting the word out", the reality is that her mental impairments affect her in a manner that elicit everything from tears to laughter and incredulity. Her mental health issues become more evident, the more one watches her videos. The narrator, in other videos, is quite open about having worked for DSHS. I suspect that her issues were, at minimum, noted by co-workers, if not brought to her attention. Unfortunately, one can't force someone to seek mental health care unless they are clearly a danger to self and/or others. She doesn't seem to meet that criteria. Yet. It sounds as though she has settled on race as the reason she has faced difficulties with various individuals and organizations, rather than her more obvious mental pathology. All joking aside, I hope someone in her life cares enough to get her the help she needs before something tragic happens. Despite my previous jokes, I AM keeping her in my prayers. And, if she reads this, ma'am? You do need to talk to a health-care professional as soon as possible. Please share with them your concerns and your videos. I know it's difficult to understand that your thinking is off - our brains are the organ of thought, and when our brains are sick, we can't expect them to recognize they are ill. Please. Talk to someone. Soon.
Ericka January 06, 2013 at 03:03 AM
Very funny, I love your response. Oh, and I'm black.
Ericka January 06, 2013 at 03:25 AM
Okay, so this woman apparently has issues. I'm black with two black children and we live in U.P. and I live from check to check, and the community is diverse. Just about everyone I run into are kind and it seem the majority of the people are all about God whose Son is Jesus with exceptions of a few that are Muslims. There are Masonic signs all over this state as well as this country. It's an organization that has been around during slavery days and perhaps long before. This woman is speaking out of ignorance and shouldn't take up our time. There are nice homes in UP but also some other places here in WA and no matter what state you live in, you will have cities that will have upper, middle and lower standards of living. I'm from down south and I was in the military for 9 years and 9 months and have seen racism in both places and fortunately I haven't seen it since I've been in UP for the past 5 years, unless I have sold out and dont' know it.
Robert Crane January 06, 2013 at 06:32 PM
I agree with you whole heartedly!
Heidi Bergmann January 06, 2013 at 07:55 PM
You know, there is a lot of financial aid and TONS of scholarships available only to African Americans. She could certainly go to college if she waned to.
Musique January 07, 2013 at 02:34 PM
Erika, very well said.
Lance Orloff January 07, 2013 at 09:21 PM
UP Native, Cissy Mitchel already went to college. She blames UW Tacoma for her failure to be non-minority enough to keep her job at DSHS. INcidentally, the next meeting tonight of the Society of Secret Society Elites of University Place is cancelled for tonight but resumes every Monday at 6:30pm. Meetings are held 3715 Bridgeport Way West in the City Council Chambers. The following meeting is the 14th. It is a "special" meeting. General meeting is the 21st. Anyone who is concerned about being exposed as an elitist secret society member in full view of the world is welcome to bring their voice and be heard.
Dr. J C January 16, 2013 at 05:52 AM
I commented on a couple of her videos on you tube, and was sent a email calling me a white supremacist, being mexican/indian i find it hard to know how to take that. I found her videos to be comedy at first..then realized she is a super hateful and racist person. And she has some serious mental problems that need to be addressed. Always talking about how she is poor and down. but she: Owns a house A Cadillac suv style car Has a new laptop with windows 8 Has a pricey projector for her computer can afford comcast internet I wish i was so "Poor" and "Down" that i could afford all those nice things.
Dr. J C January 16, 2013 at 05:58 AM
Yeah i like how in her videos she always is complaining about how minorities don't get any breaks. But then when she talks about any minority person who has made it is a "Sell out" or a "devil worshiper"
Dr. J C January 16, 2013 at 06:05 AM
White 22711 75.87% Black or African American 2617 8.74% American Indian and Alaska Native 217 0.72% Asian 2236 7.47% Asian indian 90 0.3% Chinese 195 0.65% Filipino 288 0.96% Japanese 195 0.65% Korean 1136 3.8% Vietnamese 215 0.72% Other Asian 117 0.39% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 167 0.56% Native Hawaiian 50 0.17% Guamanian or Chamorro 36 0.12% Samoan 32 0.11% Other Pacific Islander 49 0.16% Some other race 403 1.35% Two or more races 1582 5.29% This is about the same as most towns in washington. unlike other cities like Detroit that is 85% african american..maybe she could move there and be happy?...probably not.
ACT January 16, 2013 at 03:38 PM
I'll tell you how. She is going to college for her "Doctorate in Philosophy" degree at Walden University. All that loan money she has bought her new laptop and I'm sure her new car. Loans for Ph.D. students can go up to $100k yearly. How in the world did she get a MASTER's degree in anything???
Dr. J C January 19, 2013 at 10:44 PM
True she is mental..but racism is not a mental thing.. she is ultra racist and i think thats why it upsets people. She claims to be helping people..but if you watch all her videos you can see nobody can do right..if you are poor,you are being pushed down by the man..if you are rich,she claims you are a sellout and with the Illuminati or are white supremacists. I commented on a few of her videos and was sent nasty emails and was blocked from her youtube channel. I have heard she blocks alot of people who don't think like her..that's why she doesn't have any comments. I really enjoyed her newest video where her mom begins to argue and you can tell her mom is tired of her weird crap.
Kathy Moorhead January 26, 2013 at 01:50 AM
This woman has perfected her victimization to an interesting crescendo. I hope her friends and children understand that her mental health may be in question.
Dr. J C January 26, 2013 at 06:27 AM
In one of her more recent videos about some bread being on the floor at a Sars market store, you can tell her mother is sick of her crap. The mother said something and she was yelled and screamed at by this woman and accused of defending the them because they and the mother are both white. It was very sad to see someone treat their elderly mother in this fashion.


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