Grant Allows West Pierce Fire & Rescue To Purchase More Than 2,500 Smoke Alarms

University Place and Lakewood residents who meet the criteria can schedule an appointment to receive an alarm that will be installed in October.

(Some good news from West Pierce Fire & Rescue. Read on ...)

West Pierce Fire & Rescue received a grant that will fund more than 2,500 smoke alarms to be installed in residences within Lakewood and University Place, starting in October. Installations will be done by appointment by West Pierce Fire & Rescue personnel.

This program funds smoke alarms with a 10-year battery.  The battery will not need to be changed each year like a typical 9-volt, but will need to be tested monthly to ensure it is working properly.

Appointments can be made based on the following criteria:

  • If your smoke alarms are more than 10 years old.  However, if your home has smoke alarms that are hard-wired into your electrical system, we cannot replace them, as the protection you have is greater than the battery powered alarms can offer.
  • If you do not have alarms inside and outside each sleeping area.  We recommend a smoke alarm is in each sleeping area, as well as in the hallway outside.  If you do not have alarms in both places, we can add alarms where they are needed.
  • If your smoke alarms are not working properly.  We can replace battery operated alarms that are not currently working properly.  However, if you have hard-wired alarms, we cannot replace those with a battery operated alarm.
  • If you are not sure what kind of smoke alarms you currently have.  Please call us to make an appointment and we can assess your current alarms.  We will then replace or add any alarms we can for you.

Installations will be scheduled one day per week between 3-7pm.  Days rotate from week to week.  To schedule an appointment, please contact Captain Jenny Weekes at (253) 983-4574 or via email at jenny.weekes@westpierce.org


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