Bites Nearby: Round Table Pizza

It's a chain, but who cares? This has become a University Place favorite.

I tend to lean towards non-chain restaurants every week.

I aim to uncover all of the good, little-known nuggets of culinary goodness in and around our city.

This is not to discredit chain restaurants, it's just how it often ends up. But today is different. Today I am going to feature a chain restaurant, but most people in UP don't think of it that way.

I'm talking about .

This popular pizza chain's branch in University Place continues to be a community go-to for fundraising events, after game bites and birthday parties.

They host takeovers, took part in theand most recently, if you were a part of the Juvenile Diabetes 5K Walk and came in with a participant shirt, they donated $5 to that cause.

And these are just a few examples!

Aside from taking part in our community building, Round Table  has delicious pizzas with perfectly crisp crust and just enough greasy goodness to make you feel guilty before you have that first bite and the flavor makes it all worth it.

With fun names like the Maui Zowie, video games, party rooms and a lunch time salad bar, Round Table can easily serve as that special treat for you and the family. Not to mention when they are taking part in one of the many fundraisers out there, you'll be dining for a good cause (making that third or fourth slice of goodness even more guilt free).

So give it a shot. You realize quickly that this ain't no ordinary chain.


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